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Recap of Swedish SharePoint Usergroup Gothenburg 2015-09-16

Another successful meetup with SSUG Gothenburg is done. This time DQC has the honour of hosting, and I must say they did it with splendour. With hosts like these it's really easy organizing events like these.

They had a really interesting take on the "provide food" part of the hosting responsibility. Normally you would expect pizza or some catered food, but they decided to go with a food truck that served awesome umami burgers. But the best part about the truck was probably that they had to use a tow truck to actually get the truck to the location seeing as it had broken down a few days before. Way to raise the bar DQC, the Gothenburg SharePoint community thanks you.

Lesson learnt: If DQC promises a food truck, they will bring a food truck.

Talk 1: React and Office 365

Emil Lundkvist from Axakon had a very interesting talk about building Office 365 SharePoint applications using React.JS and the Office 365 APIs.

The presentation can be found below:

In summary: They only use the REST-api's, no SharePoint hosted apps, CSOM or JSOM. Their apps are then deployed straight to a document library as a packaged React app (packaged using node.js toolsets) and then shown in the SharePoint UI by using a XML viewer webpart. An intersting and not very common approach to solving the "IT won't let us deploy things" problem and using the SharePoint version capabilities.

The code from the presentation can be found here.

Emil presenting very interesting content

The business case for a SharePoint farm in Azure

Jorgo (Georgios Sidiropoulos) from DQC gave a more business focused talk about one of their real business cases where their customer is moving from "legacy data centers" up to the cloud/Azure. A good walkthrough on what points are the most important to focus on from a business perspective.

In summary: Cost reduction is a major part of the move to cloud, even if you can't move the production environments there are significant savings by moving staging/test environments. Azure is constantly evolving and a major player in a large variety of service segments which makes it a stable partner going forward.

Photography really isn't our strongest skill

Thanks for making it happen, and welcome back to the next SSUG that will (preliminary) be on the 24th of November.

To find out more about SSUG visit ssug.se or [SSUG on facebook](interaction: http://www.facebook.com/SharePointSweden). To contact SSUG send an email to info@ssug.se. SSUG is organized by Tobias Zimmergren and Wictor Wilén with Patrik Björklund (me) and Daniel Petterson as Gothenburg ambassadors.

Recap of Swedish SharePoint Usergroup Gothenburg 2015-09-16
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