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Recap of Swedish SharePoint Usergroup Gothenburg 2015-11-24

Getting people interested in SharePoint/Office 365 together for a meetup is always a rewarding experience. Experiences are shared, contacts are made and laughs are had by all.


This time around we got to visit Altran's offices for a SSUG meeting focused on "search" where Henrik Gustafsson and Armen Kirakosyan gave two great presentations.

Talk 1 - Sharepoint Search

Armen Kirakosyan (@akirakosyan) from Altran is one of the few people that actually have worked with search on the inside during his time at Microsoft. He likes to call Delve "his baby" (due to working on the product for ~2 years) and is generally a very smart and knowledgeable person. His talk was about what's new in search, the history of search in SharePoint as well as some technical explanations about how search works.

Talk 2 - Search experiences from the field

Henrik Gustafsson (@SharePointHenke) from Cognit gave us some really nice ideas on what one should do and what one should avoid when it comes to search in general and SharePoint search in specific. He set the stage telling us that we would learn to hate searching, get inspired and dare to customize the search experience. I would say that we did.

After a quick poll from the attendees we decided that the next SSUG will take place sometime in February. If you want to talk or host, let me know!

Recap of Swedish SharePoint Usergroup Gothenburg 2015-11-24
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