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Quick Tip: OneDrive for Business - how to make sense of synced libraries


When syncing libraries using OneDrive for Business a common problem is that the naming of the "folders" are not always explanatory. It's a concatenation of the parent web title and the document library title. So if you have an information structure that for example is like this:

  • Contoso (Site)
  • Investigation (Site)
    • Documents (Doc Lib)
  • Microsoft (Site)
  • Investigation (Site)
    • Documents (Doc Lib)

If you sync those libraries you will get the following info in you file explorer:


Of course you can change the titles of the sites / libraries in your information structure and re-sync them. But maybe that is above your pay grade, you just want to make it work or maybe you want the names of the folders to be something that makes sense to you but not necessarily to others.

What you can do then is simply to rename the folders in your file explorer, like this:

As an end user you might be worried that you will change something in SharePoint but don't worry - it's only a local change.

Simple problem, simple solution. Productivity rocks!

Important notes

  • OneDrive is in the epicenter of a world of changes, the problem and solution might change soon so keep your eyes open.
  • There might be a scenario where the folder name is re-synced with the SharePoint names but I haven't seen it yet and I have had changes running for quite some time.
  • Don't use crazy characters when renaming the folder, it has previously caused syncing problems.
Henrik Gustafsson

Henrik Gustafsson

Consultant for hire at Cognit Consulting AB. Office 365/SharePoint/ASP.NET developer/architect. Located in Sweden. Find me on twitter at @henrikondev or drop me a line at henrik@cognit.se

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Quick Tip: OneDrive for Business - how to make sense of synced libraries
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